Interactions: Selected (ignored "Selected style")

I have a shape that is set “Selected” via right click. Selected style is specified. When the widget load selected style doesn’t apply. I also tried explicitly set it to select on load but that didn’t do it either. I have the same shape working on another page so it seems there is maybe some bug… Looking at both pages, the only difference between shapes is that the shape that is not working has extra icon next to T. What is the meaning of this icon?

The “T” is a preview of the font changes that are part of the selected style. The color swatch next to the “T” is a preview of the fill changes that are part of the selected style. I’m wondering if the widget might be set to disabled and that’s why it’s not showing the selected style. Can you please try clicking the “more options” icon shown just above those style swatches in your screenshot (to the right of the widget name) to see if “Disabled” is checked?

If that’s not the case, can you please email the file to so that the team can help look into it?