Interactions 'stack' - collapsing Cases in 8 v 9?

Hi everybody

Just beginning to look at the 9 Beta. I opened a prototype I created to help out someone on here - trying to compare my intangible ‘this is how I do things’ and see where there might be any shortfall.

I don’t think I can collapse Cases in the Interactions stack in 9?
Interactions - yes. Cases - no.

In 8 I give a Case a meaningful title - coupled with any conditional logic that was visible - I can scan down a complex ‘stack’ of collapsed Interactions and Cases and go ‘OnClick - do this - then do this - then do this - else do this’ etc.

I probably missed something :wink:


Hi Mike!

You aren’t missing anything - it isn’t currently possible to name or collapse individual IX cases, but I’ve passed this along to our designated teams to see if we could bring those options back. :slight_smile:

I second this, when you have a long list, e.g. at each state of a dynamic panel you have some actions which happen on each state this list gets BRUTALLY long, and also a hard to visually navigate because actions aren’t visually nested inside each IF in a strong enough way.

I’ve uploaded some images which show my project, I have a dynamic panel with some actions which happen depending on which panel is active, The images here show only 3 of the 17 states on my panel

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The new condensed view available in preferences fixes the issue I had with things taking up too much space, thanks!

About the new layout there is this button on the top right which I seems to be add target or something like that

But I found it confusing as there is no tool tip, and because it is over top of white the you don’t see the color change as you hover over it so I didn’t realize it was a clickable button at first.

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