Interactive Line Chart Question

I’m working on creating an interactive line chart. It’s easy enough to get a vertical tracer line to follow my cursor as I scroll horizontally across the chart ( But I’m wondering if there is also some way to get the pink dot on the left side to follow the peaks and valleys of the chart (along with the vertical tracer line). Any assistance is very much appreciated.

At a minimum, there is going to need to be something more than just the image in the background (i.e., real datapoints). I’m thinking you could use something with “activate X when widget is over Y” and have all the datapoints laid out but hidden until the criteria was met.

Otherwise, you can always inject a chart into your prototype and save the hassle:

Jeff posted a repeater-powered line graph here. Given that all the data is in the repeater, it wouldn’t be too hard to move some widgets based on the value of the repeater item you’re mousing over:

Thanks for the suggestions @w00t and @nkrisc. I had read the repeater-fed approach earlier and decided the math was too daunting. But if I can carve out enough time, I think I’m going give it a shot. For now I will just put something a bit clunky together to show the behavior.

It helps to know that I’m not missing something obvious. Thanks!

It might be a bit tedious but you could always just hardcode the interactions. On each segment of the chart manually input where each indicator line should move to.

Yep. That’s what I did. Thanks for the help.