Intro to the Repeater Widget



I am loving this widget, it’s exactly what was needed to end my frustration with the prototype I’m working on right now. Unfortunately when I try to use an image in the repeater I’m getting this:


I was searching for this, thanks! Although, it is very non-intuitive to have to do it in here, instead of editing the text style of the widget your repeater-text goes into… Especially since you do have to set the padding settings there…


Has this bug been fixed yet? I don’t have access to the repeater properties in Mac OSX Mountain Lion



Hey Ashapiro75,

It looks like you aren’t “in” the Repeater in that screenshot; Repeaters are like Dynamic Panels in that you need to double-click to enter them for editing. Once you’ve done that, you should see all of the Repeater properties. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.



I had a problem with align and a repeater and i was definitely in the element. I had to rectangles, one was centered and the other was left aligned, but when I get back to the main screen or preview they are both centered. I had to delete the repeater and re-create it and now it’s working. I should have saved the file that was weird and sent it, but alas I forgot. Maybe you guys will have some success re-creating the bug.


Hi Ben,
I have a problem with padding.

In your screenshot there is some padding option that are don’t avalaible to me.

I need this to create space between the elements of the repeater.

Could you help me?


Hi Scaridi,

We’ve actually removed the Repeater padding settings from the latest beta builds. Those “Spacing” values should do what you’re looking for, though–they’re the distance between repeater items. Give them a try and let me know if they don’t work as you’d like.


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