Invisible text when editing Dynamic Panels

I can’t see any text when editing widgets. See attached screen grab for details
Axure build 3623
macOS Mojave 10.14

Hi uxkarel,

We were able to reproduce the issue one time previously, but it looks like there is a certain trigger to get Axure RP into this state, as we weren’t able to reproduce it thereafter in a new file. Are you able to reliably reproduce the issue? If so, could you let us know the specific steps you take to trigger it? For example, does it happen specifically when editing a dynamic panel, after opening your file for the first time, etc.?

Thanks for reply, this is strange today it works fine. Have to find out what triggers the issue…
Cause now I not able to reproduce it anymore. Will watch it and then report again if bug happen


I had the same problem, it’s only append to me at Dynamic Panel, it usually on second time when editor the text

Hey there

The same thing happened to me. Seems that on first attempt it goes invisible and then once you close the file and re-open it works fine. Frustrating.

Hi abogatch,

Could you post the .rp file you were working on when this error occurred? If you’re able to recall any specific steps prior to this occurring, that would help as well. Thanks!

I’m experiencing the same issue.

I created a new page
I set up the initial content
I turned the content into a dynamic panel
I duplicated the content from one panel to create a new panel
I named the panels
I then went to the second of the two panels and tried to edit and was not able to see the text to edit it

Assessments.rp (71.3 KB)

Hi katykat,

Are you using a non-100 percent canvas zoom when this issue is occurring? We are investigating an issue where the text editor for widgets that were created in a dynamic panel (such as duplicated panel state widgets, or widgets directly placed into a dynamic panel state) are showing a blank text editor field when viewed at a non-100 percent canvas zoom. If this is the case, changing the canvas zoom percentage to 100% should allow the text editor to show the text correctly. If you are experiencing this issue at a 100% canvas zoom, please let me know!

Yes, that does seem to fix the issue. If I have the zoom at anything besides 100% I can’t edit. Once I changed the canvas zoom to 100% I could edit. Thank you for the help.