iOS Status Bar Issues



I am building a mobile prototype that will be demo’d on an iPhone 5. The prototype is 640x1136 and my settings for Mobile/Device are:
Include Viewport Tag
Width: Device-width
Initial Scale .5
Maximum Scale 1.0
User Scale no
Prevent vertical page scrolling
Auto detect and link phone numbers
Hide browser nav
iOS Status Bar: default (although Ive tried the other two options as well)

Basically what happens is that my prototype loads at (0,40) with the status bar taking up the first 40 vertical pixels. But after tapping into a text field, it bumps my prototype up to (0,0), so that there is an overlap with the status bar on top and covering the prototype.

I really dont care if the prototype is overlapped with the status bar or not, I just need some consistency.



I did a quick fix by having a Scroll to event on Page Load and scrolling to an element at the bottom of the screen.

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