iOS Swipe to Delete

Hey There,

A while back there was an Axure 8.0 thread on swipe to delete iOS interaction (see 8:30 min in this video for an example).

Can anyone point me to that link? Better yet, if you have a ready-made example, would love to take a look. Trying to save some time from having to repurpose my Swipe to Update example and updating all the OnDrag/OnDratStart/OnDragDrop events.

Thanks for any leads!


Hi Again,

More digging helped me get the information I needed.

Link 1 - My proof-of-concept example done in an early v8 beta, which breaks a little in v9

Link 2 - The link in my last post in this thread appears to be broken/non-existent. If I recall correctly, the example in that thread was by Eytan which I am attaching here.

io8_mail_animation.rp (122.8 KB)