Is it possible for an Axure prototype to link to an external css file?

Our company UI standards is undergoing constant evolution.
This fact quickly outdates my Axure-native components like buttons, drop downs, and form fields.

In talking to them, our UI Standard team says they can do weekly exports of all their styling into a CSS file and put it onto my Axure server. (Apparently they generate the css on-browser-render, instead of an old school external CSS file)

How can I set up my Axure file to use their exported CSS file? I would have to name my widgets according to their “class” names, right?Can I use the fields in the Web Fonts panel? Would I have to incorporate JS?

Any Axure geniuses trolling this forum on weekends? :wink:

[AxShare is not an option]

Getting the CSS into your prototype probably isn’t even the hard part. Making your CSS work with Axure’s jank HTML is going to be a nightmare. You’re probably going to end up re-writing the CSS to make it work.

Nuts. Okay thanks for the saving me another trip down the proverbial rabbit hole.

You can still at least see how it works for little effort. Export your prototype and just edit the resulting HTML to slide in your CSS and see how broke (or maybe not) it is.

Then you can see how much effort it will be and if it’s worth it.

And maybe report back so the rest of us will know?? :grinning:


One idea is to name the component and then use that as an id in your CSS file to style them.
Other approach is through plugins on AxShare.

In any case, do let us know how it turns out.

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It will entirely depend on your CSS and if you’re adapting CSS that’s already been written or if you’re writing CSS specifically for your Axure prototype.

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