Is it possible to create a dynamic custom radio button in axure?

I was able to create custom radio buttons. Now I need to know is it possible to make the custom radio button dynamic. Dynamic means can we change the selected states toggle on click in the axure, like the default radio button in the axure library.

yes. each custom radio needs the action
onClick -> set selected this to true
each custom radio needs a visual normal and selected state (interaction styles) and
each custom radio (if it is a single widget itself, if it is a group the group - not the contained widgets [do not select using ctrl a], if it is a dynamic panel the panel) needs to be added to a selection group.
Untitled.rp (71.4 KB)

Thanks for you reply.
I have gone through the rp file you have send. the radio button functionality is working fine, but it is not what I am looking for.
What I need is I should be able to click the button on the canvas to set the selected state. (I should be able to click on the radiobutton in the canvas to make is select/deselect, exactly like the radio button default axure library widget.)

Use Gregor’s demo but change

OnClick - Set is selected of This equal to Toggle

on each widget

I need to set the selected /deselected from canvas.

Sorry - not sure what you mean!

You mean set it’s state before generating the prototype? Just right click it and choose “selected” from the context menu.

Can we do it in the canvas itself.

You mean, you wanna create a custom radio button widget?