Is it possible to downgrade a version?

Hi there, since your last version update ( some of my animations and behaviors broke.
I can send you a file, explain you how it worked on axure 8 and the early 9 versions
and you will reply to me Etc…
but during the time it will take,I need to deliver prototypes.

So, for now, can I reinstall an earlier version?

Yes, there are archived releases available. I recommend emailing and attaching your file. They can help you with troubleshooting this and provide previous release versions.


Hi! Yes if you’re able to share your file that shows the issues in build 3665 then we’re happy to receive it over at, which is also the fastest way to reach the product support team directly.

If you need to roll back to build 3662 for now, you can do so below:



Thanks, I will email you about the issue,
but after downloading the windows .exe file and clicking on it nothing happened, not even if I right clicked omn the file and tried to run it as admin, Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Eran,

Ah, if you’re trying to install the older build while still having a newer build installed, then you’ll want to first uninstall the newer build prior to running the installer for the older build; that should do the trick, but please ping us at if you still run into issues!

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