Is it possible to generate a thiner line?

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From the picture( the picture is zoomed into 400% so that you can see it clearly enough), the right side is the effect that I want to get, and the left side is the effect that so far I can get(which is a horizon line with height of 1). However you can see that left side’s line is still thicker than right, so I wonder if it’s possible to generate a thiner line. Thanks!

Lines in Axure are whole pixels only, so the thinnest line possible, natively, is 1 px. You can play around with color and opacity to make lines appear thinner, but that’s it in Axure natively. In my opinion this is appropriate for a prototyping app. You can submit a feature request though, to .

You could create a “sub-pixel” line in Illustrator, Photoshop, or your favorite graphics app and save it as a transparent PNG. Import it as an image widget (or drag & drop into Axure) and then set its width as needed, either by dragging the handles or directly in the widget’s Width input field.

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