Is it possible to have a "MouseOver" style if the widget is already "Selected"?

I’ve found some helpful advices here before, now it’s time to ask my first question. :slight_smile:

I need to build a menu with few tabs. Every tab with different states: normal, mouseover, selected and disabled. I used Interaction Styles for that purpose, however… If the tab is already selected, it stays in the same ‘Selected’ style, even if there is a cursor over this tab. I need it to behave just like other tabs, that is - to change its style to “MouseOver” - as long as there is a cursor over the area of this tab.
Is it possible, without using dynamic panels?

Please find the example attached with an illustration of the problem - also on axshare.

tabs.rp (61.7 KB)

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tabs.rp (62.0 KB)

add a case “onmouseenter”…set this to false
UNLESS youre using that “true” to do other things…but it might work anyway cause when you click button and it gets true THEN other events fire.

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Thanks zariel for a tip!

I need this tab to become selected again as soon as the mouse cursor leaves the tab, so I added reverse interaction OnMouseOut. And then I added conditions and a variable to make it work completely. Here is final version:
tabs-v2.rp (64.8 KB)

First I tried to just change the interaction to OnMouseHover, but for some reason it didn’t solve the problem.