Is it possible to really hide hidden objects?


I’m currently creating a widget library for out project/team with the style of our software. Therefore I have to recreate things like calendars and expand boxes which open a small window to select data:

This is all working really nice, but if I open a new project and load the library and then drag 'n drop such a widget on my canvas it looks like this:

You can imagine if I want to create a form with a lot of date fields it gets a little bit unconvenient. Therefore my question.

Is it possible instead of marking them yellow to really hide/not show objects which are marked as hidden?

Thanks in advance,

Group them and then click the blue square in the Outline pane to completely remove the group from view within Axure.

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Hi T-Ruben! Another option is to hide masks via the menu “View > Masks”, and deselect “Mask Hidden Objects”.