Is it possible to save the same position a sticky element?

I’m trying to place a sticky element in the same position after scrolling but it doesn’t work. I’m starting to think it’s not possible in my case. Could you take a look please and say if it’s an Axure bug or my fault?

Before scroll
After scroll
(And a position depends on browser width)

Axure file:
test.rp (179.4 KB)

The easiest way to solve the problem is to set the page to left-alignment:

If you want to keep the center alignment, you could try putting the rest of the page content in another dynamic panel and pin it as well. That way all of your widgets would be referencing off the same coordinate plane. Just remember to move the show/hide logic from the page to the new dynamic panel.

You could also change the pin-to-browser settings for your sticky header. Change the alignment in the pin dialog from left to center, and add a margin to bump it over to the right. I played with it a bit and it looks like a margin of about 185 should do the trick.


Thank you. Yes, I want to keep the center alignment.

It works! Good trick! Thank you