Is raised event removed from Ax10?

Hi guys,
I’ve been using Raised Event in master alot in Axure 9. Just tried Ax10 recently but I cant find it under Component action list. Is it removed or moved to somewhere?

I’ve found out that maybe it is a bug (Im using Ax10 on Windows 11)
When I right click on a normal widget can convert it to Component, the Raised Event action is not there.
But when I create new blank Component and add a widget in it, the Raised Event is there again.

It looks like this was a bug on some recent builds of RP 10, but this should be fixed on our latest build, build 3865! You can download the update from our website at or via the updater in RP (Help > Check for Updates).

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Thank you, the bug is fixed in the new update!

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