Is there a shortcut to select visible object that is placed in many underlying layers, with 1 click?

Hi, from the screenshot below, everytime I want to select the on/off button “BtnSlide”, I need to click like 5 times, to reach it. Is there a shortcut like “CTRL-Click” to select only what is visible (“BtnSlide”), rather than the whole group, sub-groups?

I understand that I can R-Click on “BtnSlide” then select its name (see below) in the popup window, but is there is an even quicker way to do this? Selecting from the list in Outline panel is another option, but my Outline panel list is super long.

It’s slower for me to look out for the name of the button in the Outline panel list, then select it. It’s faster if I see the button graphic on the canvas, do a “CTRL-Click” on the button graphic.


I’m swear Axure 9 behaved this way in Beta, but it doesn’t now.

Sketch uses this CTRL+Click shortcut to access the most deeply nested layer, and Axure has indeed emulated many other Sketch shortcuts. (Ctrl+1: zoom into view showing all page elements; Ctrl+2: zoom into the selected elements, etc.). Axure should adopt this shortcut as well, especially considering you can’t even get a job in UX these days without knowing Sketch.

Note that the Axure folks no longer consider the forums to be the proper place to request features. You should send this feature request to, including a link to your post.


Hi @josephxbrick, thanks for your reply. Removing a function sounds strange, I mean if effort has already been spent to developed, it why remove it? Unless it affects usability. I will email to the Axure support email, thanks again.

To be fair, I might be mis-remembering this shortcut in Beta, but the memory feels quite real. :smile:

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