Is there a way to export the ID values for each page in a prototype


I’m wondering if there’s a way to get Axure to export what the ID value each page has, by ID value I mean the slug that uniquely identifies the page as part of the querystring.

I’d love it if I could get it in a CSV format or something, I’ve been using spreadsheets in my workflow recently and it’s a real pain to go extract that value from each page after the fact.


The Answer is “YES”, however we need to use Selenium and write some scripts.

I came across with this “REQUIREMENT” when I resigned from my last company and I hated this

Step 1:
open your prototype and click Preview Button in axure;

Step 2:

copy any page url and paste it here in the script

Step 3:
run the python script and get the IDs in csv file


testAxure.rp (95.6 KB)

here is the script:


I forgot to reply to my own thread with the fix I made, this one is a bookmarklet and not selenium but it’s the same sort of idea.