Is there a way to prototype shortcut keys?

Is there a way to prototype a shortcut key type interaction? I’m trying to mock up the experience of a user being able to use shortcut keys to be able to quickly toggle between layouts of a screen. I thought I might be able to use the “key pressed equals” case logic, but nothing seems to be working.
Has anyone done this before?


you have it right, it is key pressed equals case logic. But do you have the logic attached under OnPageKeyDown / OnPageKeyUp interaction?

If yes, are you using Mac and you were trying to use CMD key? If yes again, then unfortunately, Axure has CMD key wrongly interpreted as CTRL key, and they are working on the fix

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Aha! I didn’t notice the OnPageKeyDown option before, so I had it assigned to a more localized OnKeyDown that required me to click into the object before the hotkeys would work. This works much better.

Thank you!

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