Is there a way to sort up and left when a box is deleted?


I am trying to figure out how to get boxes to move left and up in order when a box on the top is deleted. The push/pull works, but I can’t get the boxes on the bottom to move up to fill in the space. :tired_face:
I have created a text file that show push/pull working. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Test file.rp (59.1 KB)


Hey @anon69228960,

I was able to create the behavior that you are trying to achieve, however, I used a repeater instead of individual widgets. Sample File.rp (48.5 KB)

To explain this widget setup, I modifed the repeater layout (under the Style Pane) to horizontal and wrapped the grid to include 4 items per row. Then, I added repeater data to reflect 8 rows. On the “Shape” delete button, I added a “Delete Rows” action to remove the widget when clicked.

That should do the trick and hope this helps!