Is there a way to update a previously generated Specification (track changes to spec)



We are starting to use the generate specification functionality but need to be able to update a previously generated specification when changes are made within axure and would like the result to contain the changes identified with track changes turned on. Is there a way to do this with Axure?


Hi MSBAxure - You can regenerate the spec document and it will update/overwrite the previously generated spec. There isn’t currently a “Track Changes” feature, but you can add a custom field to your widgets with a date which will help you track the changes. Let me know if this answers your question.


If you regenerate the spec document to a file with a different name, you can then use the Compare feature of Word to make change-tracking appear in the new version.


We have the same problem here. We should have a way to generate only footnotes that are new or have been changed or at least select the footnotes we want to generate.


Is there any update or resolution to this issue? Ideally I would like to output a spec that only includes footnotes that were updated or changed since the last version.


If you’re specifically looking to only include new or updated widget notes, you can use the filter in the “Widget Tables” tab of the “Generate Specification” dialog (now “Generate Word Documentation”).

When you’re making a change to a note, simply add some sort of an indicator (e.g. “*”, “Update2”, etc.) in the note field, and then update the filter in the screenshot above to include the indicator, so notes without it won’t be included in the output.

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