Is there better way how to have widget 100 % window height than OnWindonResize?

I want to design responsive vertical menu where my widget always has 100 % window height. I have a solution where this can be achieved with OnWindowResize but I see some performance issues when resizing browser window (it gets laggy). So I’m thinking if there’s another solution how to do this…

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi agilek,

While dynamic panels do have a “100% Wide” option for a browser window’s width, there currently isn’t a similar option for window height. It does look like using the OnWindowResize event to resize content to match the window’s height may be the best approach for accomplishing this at the moment.

With that said, I’ll go ahead and submit a feature request for a “100% Tall” option or something similar to our PM team. They’ll be able to see what we can do in this area!

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Hi @Simon_Axure,
Just wondering if there’s an update on this. I will likely try your suggestion as I was trying to accomplish the same thing as @agilek.

Also trying to accomplish the same thing; running RP9 Beta. Is there an update regarding the 100% Height feature?

Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback on the desire for a 100% height feature. Per the new forum policy we’re no longer taking feature requests and feedback via the forums, so this thread is being closed. Your requests posted thus far have all been filed with the product team for review, but if you have any additional feedback or feature requests in the future then please go ahead and email those to us directly at to ensure we see them all. For the time being, as a workaround resizing widgets using the Set Size action OnWindowResize should allow you to resize widgets to match the height of the browser window ([[Window.height]]) to help simulate responsiveness.