Is this possible to pass column data to other column in repeater?

Is this possible to give 1st column data reference to 6th column data and combine it with 6th column data using repeater?

Yes, you can do this. Might be easiest to demonstrate if you upload an .rp file.

How you accomplish the math (combining data) will vary a little depending on:

  • If you are performing this from within a repeater or from outside the repeater.
  • What exactly you mean by “give reference …and combine it”
    • Simple addition of numeric values? [[Item.Column1 + Item.Column6]]
    • Concatenation of text values? [[Item.Column1]] [[Item.Column6]]
    • Update a specific column-row value by “combining” it with value from another column?
      Would be something like:

Update Rows
This set Column1 to "[[ Item.Column1]] [[Item.Column6]] for This