Isolated dynamic panel mode in Axure 9 re-forms the entire universe

Anyone who uses Axure for serious interactive prototypes will know that dynamic panels figure heavily. Moving in and out of each state was by far the worst aspect of the UX of that.

But now Axure 9 has fixed that issue!

(together with the attendant problem of relative positioning of objects inside states)

This is, quite simply, a miraculous intervention akin to the reception of divine light. It makes the upgrade to 9 worth it even if you never use any of the other features.


Yeah, I guess it’s a good and logic idea. But for old users like me, that make crazy because sometime when I need to close the dynamic panel… I close the current page :sweat_smile:

I like it, too. Nice work, Axure folks!

I wouldn’t mind a keyboard shortcut to go to the next/previous state. Shift+down-arrow and Ctrl/Command+down-arrow both do the same thing, so maybe choose one of those?

None of this criticism is valid. I yield to no man in my conviction that this feature commends Axure 9 into the highest firmaments of heaven

Beyond the angels and close even to the mind of God herself.

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