Issue loading local libraries with Axure 9 beta

I am having issues trying to load libraries that are stored on my laptop (not cloud). What am I missing?

Alas, another poor soul with ‘Flow’ at the top of ‘All Libraries’ - I feel for you, my dude.

Have you tried the little + button? That brings up a file dialog for me… May need to navigate to your local libraries that way?

Hey JimJam… Thanks for the suggestion. The use of the “+” seems to be inconsistent. I tried once and all my local libraries were grayed out suggesting they can’t be selected or added. Then, strangely they became 'available" again. However, the libraries still don’t seem to be loading. For example, in the new screenshot it looks like the library might be loading… that message has been displayed for 2.5 hours now and the library still hasn’t loaded.

Would anyone who works for Axure care to reply about why this is happening?? I can’t use the beta if I can’t use (or understand how to use) the changes/updates of this feature. P.S. Axure 8 was far easier and more intuitive.

Hi slunny!

Could you please let me know if the local libraries were originally Axure RP 8 RPLIB files, or if they were created in Axure RP 9?