Issues of glitching/flashing of page when preview or when published


Hi axure team, I am currenltly working on a project however, when I preview my file or view it via the published link, some of the pages generally the ones with images begin to glitch/ flash continuously until I try to click on some other pages and some work fine.I tried to delete some images thinking that it has affected the preview page but somehow it still has the same issue. Even trying to switch browsers but it still has the same problem.Any suggestions?


For anyone following up,

Ashleighkeira wrote in about this, and we found there was an OnPageLoad event that was opening up another page in the file, resulting in a continuous loop. If anyone is running into a similar problem, I’d recommend first checking the .rp file itself for any unintended OnPageLoad/OnLoad cases, and if not, the Console tab of the HTML sidebar in the browser output.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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