Items inside a repeater cell

  • I have pictures in a repeater.

  • The repeater creates a grid of images.

  • The user is supposed to say whether they agree or disagree with the picture.

  • I have a thumb icon which is in a Dynamic Panel.

  • On click of the icon, I am displaying a thumb up and a thumb down.

  • The user selects one

  • Based on selection, the initial icon turns into thumb up or down. (THIS WORKS)

The issue is when the user goes to another image, makes a thumb up/down selection. This resets the previous selection.

Repeaters rebuild themselves from the beginning each time they change. If you’re refreshing the repeater at all (adding/editing/deleting rows, sorting, changing pages, etc.) you’ll need to store the rating in the repeater. Clicking the thumb adds a value to the repeater. The repeater refreshes and uses the “rating” value to set whether the thumb icon should be up or down.

When I store the value in the repeater (i.e. change a value in a row), then click on the green thumb (attached pic), the purple icon, which is a dynamic panel, is not updated with the change.


Are you using the repeater’s “ITEM LOADED” action to set the panel based on the value?
Simple_Rating_System.rp (65.0 KB)

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Thank you, this was great input and it solve my issue.

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