Java recognition problems when multi cell referencing


First time post and hoping someone can help? I have a project which emails a form, works fine. However, i have now added more boxes duplicating 2-3 text boxes. My java code references to the the text to pull the information from the box, problem is there doesn’t appear a way in which i can name the text boxes text box 1, text box 2 etc and separate out the lines of information i want.

I can change the label, rename it but it seems still to only reference to My name (text area) and my code then cant distinguish :frowning: So either I need help with Java to ref the code for named box or a way in Axure that the (text area) part can be renamed to (text area 1/2/3/4).

Sorry if I have not explained this very well.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, can you share your Axure file? I will then have a look at it and I know others here have been able to reference specific widgets.

contact form.rp (63.7 KB)


Thanks for replying, so on the attached form, you can see when click submit it generates an email popup, but then the email does not contain all the headers and information displayed within the form, the main part i’m confused about is the doubling up of the text box information (so address and reason are text areas, as it will only ever recognise one of them and duplicate this within the code i have).

thanks in advance Edd.

contact form - modified.rp (69.6 KB)
Hi Edd,
I am not sure I understand the problem as it seems to work on my Axure RP8.

Just to be sure, I have created a modified version of your file and included a new Submit button, but this one does what you need without using Javascript. For completeness I have also included two fields at the beginning to demonstrate how to include the email to, and subject as variables.

I am not sure if this is what you are after. Let me know.

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thanks i shall look at this and come back to you, thanks in advance for your help with this!