Jump from different pages to landing pages, and log back to the original page after landing

I want to achieve: jump from different pages to landpage, and log back to the original page after landing.

page1\page2\page3:Setting the variable value to the current page name,Use the Pagename function
landpage:generate page links with variables and where to go back.

Can return to the original page successfully
However, when returning to the original page, the variable “state” value is changed back to the initial value.
It has been discovered that if we use the “Link to an external URL or file” option when we jump on landing page, we will have this problem.
Even if you do not use a link with a variable

Why the variable becomes an initial value when the ‘Link to an external url or file’ option is used

Hi 15004049!

As you’ve seen, variable changes are not applied/saved when using the “Back” button in the browser or when using the “Back to previous page (variable changes are not applied” option for the Open Link interaction, even if the current page is a page in your Axure project or an external link. That is, if you were to set the variable value to “1” and then go back to the previous page, that variable value will go to its default value, before it was “1”. Does that similar to what you’re experiencing? If so, what may help is to use global variables to keep track of each page and then use conditional logic with the global variable values to go “back” to the corresponding pages.

Hopefully this helps, but please lmk if I misunderstood!

BackVar.rp (79.7 KB)