Jumping between two repeaters on keypress

Hi, I’m building an on-screen keyboard for the TV app project I’m working on. Navigation is done by using arrow keys on the keyboard, and I’m trying to make the selector jump from the top repeater to the repeater below when the down arrow key is pressed. Moving left-right was easy, but I can’t figure out how to jump between two rows using keys. I know I could do this if I use only one repeater, and wrap the rows, but I have scenarios where I will need to use multiple repeaters.

Any ideas if this can be achieved?

RP file attached here: repeater jump.rp (62.0 KB)


I’ve added another grid and also apply different length for each grid, here is what you need i guess

repeater jump.rp (72.3 KB)

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Hey @steven.wang, looks like you cracked it!

Unfortunately I don’t have Axure 9. Is it possible to save your RP as version 8?


unfortunately i don’t have 8 and Axure currently doesn’t support to convert back to 8 or save a compatible version :frowning:

but i made a recording of the changes and show you a thorough step-by-step, hope it helps


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@steven.wang, thanks so much! I downloaded Axure 9 trial to try recreating it there.