Jumping from one text field into next fully automatically


that’s my first topic, so please forgive me if this problem has been already solved. I have to create a place, where a user will fill his/her MAC-address and I wanted the cursor to jump to the text field when the previous will be filled yet. Now I have 6 empty text-fields because this number contains 12 numbers and letters. I wanted users to fill it with 2 signs. Is it possible?

I know the topic: Text field Return goes to next Text field

but the answer is not satisfying, because one has to push “enter” to jump to the next test field. I want a situation when the cursor jumps after providing 2 numbers in each field automatically

You can set fields to have a max number of characters, then use an OnKeyUp test to check whether there are two characters in the field.

If there are, you can then focus the next field. This might get a bit laggy though, OnKeyUp checks every time you touch the keyboard. It might be okay though, since the fields are so short.

Yes, now it works :smiley: thank You so much!

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