Jumpy image display

Hi. I’m having an issue with the display of an image within a dynamic panel. An interaction on one state triggers display of an image on another state. I’m using a Slide Down animation in 500 milliseconds. When the image is displayed, the left half of the image comes down after the right half (instead of the whole image coming down at once).

Anyone have an idea what’s causing this?

P.S. Apologies if this topic is already in the forum. I couldn’t figure out what search terms to use to search for it.


you mean something like this?

because the DP’s boundary is set when state1 is loaded, and during the transition to state2, the image in state2 is beyond this boundary (image offset != 0). And because you’ve enabled DP’s “fit to content” ( I guess so), so after the transition is done, state2 will render a new boundary.

That’s why it looks like the right half is shown first and then the left half


Purely my guess based on your description, would be more intuitive to understand if you have the RP file

@steven.wang Yes the video snippet is exactly what’s happening on my RP file.

I played around with the settings. Don’t understand why, but leaving “Fit to Content” enabled and then enabling “100% Wide (browser only)” fixed the problem.

@opey another option is to change your image’s coordinates and set to (0,0). Guess it will also do the trick