Keep in front (browser only) - can't uncheck?


I can’t seem to uncheck ‘keep in front’ when I create a dynamic panel in Axure 10. I think it was working when I first downloaded.

As I roll over the checkbox, the whole function disappears entirely, forcing the element to stay always in front.?41%20pm 48%20pm


Got the same problem… my workaround was converting an axure rp9 project with the configured dynamic panel to rp10, then I copied the dynamic panel to my project and it worked… sadly you cant copy smart objects directly from rp9 to rp10.
Hope they fix the Problem soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know! I’ve filed the bug internally and hope we can fix this in the next sprint.


After the last release is still not clickable, but at least does not disappear… PLEASE do something!