Keep object properties on different screen

Hi there. I’m essentially new to Axure
I’m working on a project for a college class, and I’ve came across the following issue:

I’ve made a lateral menu for easier navigation across the different screens. I also made a button to toggle it’s visibility. However, when thinking of the domain, if the supposed clients have to use the system for long periods, perhaps it can be annoying to click on the show/hide button everytime they want to switch to another screen, considering that, the way it’s made right now, whenever you go to a different screen, this lateral menu switches to hidden.
So I was wondering, is there a way to somehow keep the properties (such as visibility) of this object (the menu and the buttons) when switching screens? Meaning if I click the toggle visibility button to SHOW the menu, I can use the menu’s buttons to switch through different screens and the menu won’t HIDE when a new screen loads, unless I click on the toggle visibility button again?
Thanks, and I hope I’m not being too confusing!

You can do this by using a global variable to track the state of the Menu, and testing its value when loading each page.

So, you could use the existing global variable, OnLoadVariable, or create a new one, say, “GlobalMenu”. Whenever the Menu icon is clicked/selected, it would update this global variable to match the visibility of the Menu group/panel. Actually it might be better to assign this action to the Menu’s Shown and Hidden events, like so:

Set Variable Value
GlobalMenu to “on”

Set Variable Value
GlobalMenu to “”

Then, in each page’s Page Loaded event, test GlobalMenu and turn on the menu if needed:

Page Loaded
If value of GlobalMenu equals “on”
Show MyMenu

You can simplify things and make your code and arrangement more efficient if you create a Master for the menu. Then you need only one version for all pages, and the Page Loaded event need be done only once in the Master.

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