Keep rows marked between pages

I have a repeater with custom check boxes.

  1. If a user checks a couple of the items
  2. goes to another page
  3. comes back
  4. I want the previously checked, check boxes to be checked.

I am currently marking and unmarking rows. But I don’t know if rows stay marked between pages or how to check if a row is marked.

As I am aware of only way to pass variables across pages is using global variables

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Reading elsewhere, this seems to be the case. This makes me sad, as the point of using a repeater and marking/unmarking would be partly to avoid creating loads of manual variables etc.

I thought of adding, substracting to a string and then maybe using some crazy string operations to split out the values…but don’t think that would work / be possible.

Might have to resort to a load of variables.

Hi @richardstelmach,

Maybe something like that:
Checklist-save.rp (61.2 KB)

1-Concatenate an ID (1, 2, 3, …) on a variable when the checkbox is checked (OnSelect, [[Var]]ID
2-Remove it when you you unckeck it (OnUnselect, Var.replace(ID,’’))
3-Read the value of the Variable and check if you need to ckeck the item on the repeater (OnItemLoad, if Var contains ID => Set select)

Hope it will be useful,


PS: with it you only need one variable, and it works if you don’t have too many list item (need one different ID for each item: 1, 2, … a, b, … *, %, @ )


Thats very clever just to concat variable and then pass it to one string. Well done. Have to learn this cause it could be very handy when select/unselect table value / with repeater and passing it to another page.

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This works a dream:

  • add to global variable
  • replace in variable (to remove)
  • check if variable ‘contains’

Pierre’s solution is great.

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