Keep text field input after changing pages

I’m currently working on a profile page for a prototype for my thesis, I want the user to input name location and a shot description. If they change pages and come back to the profile one I want the information to be saved. i’ve tried following 3 previous threads but none of the solutions worked for me

The way to save data when changing pages is to use global variables. The easiest solution is to create a unique global variable for each text field value that you want to track. For example, you could create three global variables (name them whatever you like:

  • profileName
  • profileLocation
  • profileDescription

On the Profile page, you can use either the Key Up or Text Changed event of each text field to Set Variable Value to “text on This” for the associated global variable. Then, in this page’s Page Loaded event, include a Set Text action to set the text of each field to the value of the associated global variable.

If you have any questions about how to do this or run into problems, I recommend you upload your .rp file. That will be the easiest way to demonstrate this solution.

Thank you for your help, i managed to figure it out !

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