Keeping previous color selection for fill, lines, text

In axure 8, we were able to change a color of entity, and after that, the lastest color selection was preserved.

If I would now move to another entity, and click on the color --> the entuty color will be changed according the latest selection (shown).
If I wanted to change the color to a different one, I would click on the down arrow, and the color selection panel will be shown.

In Axure9 there is no such option. the little arrow is gone :frowning:

I would have to select this color again and again, even though it’s always the same one. I know I can create a text style, change default, and sometimes even select few items to change, BUT sometimes you wish to move and change many widgets one after another, and now its an additional effort (not talking about the extra click - but mainly scanning and searching for the specific color again - even if its in favorites).

Copy & Paste style does not work as mitigation, since it requires even more effort, and result applies all style properties, while sometimes I wish to change only color.

Please tell me I missed something…

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Anyone has the same thoughts?
BTW - same goes for text. while one I will pick a label or link, and start typing, now I have to double click it on Canvas… it’s even more annoying if the typed word starts with one of the letter shortcuts (L, O, …). It will start drawing a line instead of typing “Log-In”.

Can that be configured differently?

Cheers, Iris

@Jane_Axure, can you please answer to the first post?

As for the second (typing text directly), I have noted you have answered @afei929 about the same issue, so I am going to follow your recommendations here.


Hi Greenozaur.

Unfortunately, you aren’t missing anything. The ability to select the previous color selection is gone in the 9 beta, where you could click on the fill/text color menu icon to apply the last color selection to the target widget. You would need to open up the color picker dialog to do this now. I can see how this can be hindering for your workflow, however, and I’ve already passed this along to our product team for review.

It sounds like you were able to find the option to disable single-key shortcuts (through the Preferences menu), but lmk if you need help with anything else. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jane!
I am curious to know if other people find this annoying or it is just me wining.


Hi Iris,

While I’m unable to give this information, please be rest assured that we take each feature request seriously, and our designated teams will be evaluating those requests as necessary during the beta period (depending on use case, severity, number of reports, etc., amongst other factors).

Hey Iris.

You’re not crazy. I noticed it too, and it is kind of annoying. It’s not the end of the world but it does break the convention of several, familiar color selector controls, like Illustrator and the MS Office tools:

I would have assumed that (in most cases) I am more interested in what color an object is not rather than what color it is. I can look at it and see that it is not the color I want it to be, so I have already decided that I am going to change the color. There’s also a good chance I already know what color I want it to be so having it pre-selected just makes things quicker.

However, since nobody else seems to have said anything, we might just be in the minority on this one. :slight_smile:

Read this post in a conversational tone with no hint of sarcasm. Opinions expressed in a reflective nature:wink:

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Hey Huban,

I doubt we are minority, since as a trained animals, we do those clicks unconsciously; means many stumble without even figuring why.

This is actually all over the place. Many additional click in many places. Just two examples:

  • In Axure 8 you would add a label, and instantly editing it (that’s why you added a label in the first place, no?). No you have to disable the 1 letter shortcuts to do so.
  • Repeaters: you need to double-click the repeater cell, in order to be able to copy/copy paste. Annoying. Same goes for typing: click once for focus, twice to start writing. if you click once, you have to ‘forget’ about the first letter you type: it what makes you start writing.

Maybe if we were used to it, I would not have notice, but now its like a bumpy road,and since I do that so many times a day - I feel my carpal tunnel winning. :dizzy_face:
While I love the new features added in 9, I still cry at night facing those additional clickings…

Lets hope our fellow axurers say something too.

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Hi Iris!

I wanted to address some of your concerns:

  1. You’re right that you would need to disable single-key shortcuts in the Preferences dialog to bring back the ability to type directly into a widget, however, you can also press [return] on the selected widget to start typing (though I know this also requires two steps), if you wanted to keep single-key shortcuts enabled.
  2. This is currently a bug we have on file with the 9 beta where pasting into a repeater cell does not work, unless you were to double-click into a cell.
  3. This is also a known bug we have on file with the 9 beta where it takes two keystrokes to begin text editing on a repeater cell (only on OS X).

according 1, well, I said bye to the single key shortcuts and I am fine with that.
regards 2&3 - I will wait until this will be fixed. Meanwhile I am creating repeaters in Axure8. :neutral_face: