Keypad on mobile not collapsing after onclick on button


I m having issues with the keypad not collpsing after clicking on the button. This is causing some height issue on my next screen. I won’t be ble to share the rp file. Any solutions?

Hi bernice!

Hmm, it sounds like when this issue occurs, the keypad is open when a button is clicked and the next page is opened. Is this correct? For example, is a text field opening a keypad, and then while the keypad is still open, a button widget on the page is clicked to open a different page in your project? Please let me know if you are experiencing this behavior under different circumstances.

Also, which mobile device is being used when you are experiencing this issue?

keypad is opened when focus into the text field. Then click on a button (hotspot) to navigate to another page. I want it to close before navigating. because now it is giving a height issue on the next page where there is a whitespace of the size of the keypad. And on oppo mobile phone.

An easy fix is to put an action on your hotstop before opening the next page. Set focus to a random element (a label, a picture, anything that does not need a keyboard input) and your keyboard should disappear.

Hi bernice,

It sounds like you are encountering a known bug that we have on file where keypads can remain open if a text field is in focus when an action, such as clicking on a hotspot, occurs. I’ve gone ahead and added a note to this filed report regarding your experience.

As fudris mentioned, you can set focus onto another element on your page before redirecting to the next page to work around this issue. I’ve found that creating an OnLostFocus event on the text field, where the focus is set to a different widget on the page, is well suited for this:

I hope this helps!

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