Lack of Commands in Application Menus and Inability to Change Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts in Axure do not match many other popular design programs, and as a result it’s frustrating to have to switch to new shortcuts when using Axure. This could be overcome by being able to change the keyboard shortcuts for various commands, yet for some reason this has been made basically impossible by RP9.

  1. There is no way to edit Keyboard shortcuts within Axure anymore
  2. Many commands are missing from the Application menu, so you can’t use Mac OS Keyboard Preferences to add new keyboard shortcuts. For example, why are font formatting options omitted from the Application Menus?

#2 seems to be the mosts egregious design error. All functions within the application should be accessible from the Application Menus.

I would like to recommend adding Font Formatting options back to the application menu or add user-defined keyboard shortcuts.


I agree. Some simple operations are very frustrating to work through due to the lack of shortcuts.

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Can’t agree no more.
I feel boring espacially while using command+1 command +0