Large .png not rendering fully


When I export a flow to an image file, the text in some of the paragraphs I have created does not get rendered. Usually, the paragraphs that do not get rendered are towards the right hand side of the image.

The png images are large, 10,000+ px wide and also contain snapshots, which render OK



Hi geekcreative,

It sounds like you might be running into an issue related to a bug currently being investigated by our QA team. This specific bug causes images that have been imported into Axure RP, and then significantly resized and placed far enough to the right on the page, to not be rendered properly in the page’s exported images. This issue seems to mainly affect Windows computers. Would your paragraphs happen to be images that you’ve imported into RP, or are they widgets that have been created directly in RP?

If the issue you’re experiencing doesn’t seem to be related to this bug, I’d like to ask you a few questions to gather some more information:

  1. What operating system and version is your computer running?

  2. What build of Axure RP are you currently using? You can check RP’s current build by opening the tool and going to “Help > About Axure RP”.

  3. Can you post a screenshot capturing what you’re seeing on the canvas in RP, and another one capturing what you’re seeing in the exported images?

  4. If possible, would you be able to attach a copy of the RP file you’re seeing this problem in? Having the file should help us get a closer look and possibly reproduce the issue.

Thank you!


thanks for getting back to me, I’m on Windows 10 and Axure

It only occurs with Axure elements such as paragraphs that don’t get rendered when placed in the right hand side of a file that gets rendered to .PNG. I’ve had no issues with images or snapshots


Not all the paragraphs render if you export to .png
axure_test.rp (70.1 KB)


Hi there,

Would you also be able to attach the PNG that you had exported directly from the RP file? It looks like the file and exported PNG still work correctly on our Windows machines with default system settings. Seeing your PNG file with the missing paragraphs may provide some more helpful information.

Also, did you ever set or modify your system display settings to something customized? On your computer, are you working at 100% DPI or at a different scaling factor?

In Axure RP, are you generally working at 100% magnification, or something different?

If restoring display settings to default doesn’t help, I’d be curious to see a video recording as you reproduce this issue. We often recommend using a free tool like Jing to record a session ( And I’ll be happy to check for anything peculiar in the video.


Hello! I have this exact problem. I downloaded axure_test.rp and the attached image is what is appearing (all the text disappeared in an area on the far right). The only change I made was a resize so I could upload here. :slight_smile:

Team Edition
Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1709

In Axure

On Export



Hi gelsaby,

Thanks for the screenshots! To see if you’re running into the same issue, could you let us know whether your Windows display is set to anything other than the default 100% or the recommended, and if not, whether changing it to the default helps to export the pages properly? If you could also share a screenshot of your display/resolution settings, that’d be helpful too. :slight_smile:


Hi Jane - the change in display to the recommended size actually worked (the formerly hidden text shows up in the PNG export) ! PHEWF! Thank you so much for making this suggestion and with a speedy response.

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