Latest update broke the display of data in all my repeaters

I upgraded to 3366 today and when I generated my current prototype, all of the data that previously wrapped in their own columns now overflow (even after I added “fit to content in HTML”). I had to uninstall this version and reinstall the prior version to get it to display data in repeaters correctly again.

Hi tsanne,

Hmm, that’s no good! Is the current file a team project or a regular .rp file, and does the issue happen both in preview and on Axure Share? What build of Axure RP 8 did you roll back to to resolve the issue? Do you still run into the same problem on build 3370?

Are any filters or updates being applied to the repeater? If possible, would you mind posting a screenshot of what you see along with the interactions that fire when the repeater loads, and attach a copy of the file so that we can take a look? If you’d like to send the file but prefer not to post it on the forums, then feel free to email it to so that we can look at it privately. This would help us to get a better understanding of the setup and the issue at hand. Thank you!

Hi Alyssa,

It’s a regular RP. I don’t use Axure Share. I rolled back to 3338. Where’s 3370? The auto update gave me 3366.

Yes, there are filters on the repeaters. Yes, I’ll upload some screen shots. Sorry, I was in a hurry yesterday and all of the icons at the top of this input area appear to be grayed out, so they didn’t look like available options to me. :slight_smile:

Before 3366:

After 3366:

I cannot share the RP. I’m under a ridiculously tight timeline, and it’s a huge file and it’s proprietary.

Hi! Build 3370 can be downloaded from our release candidate page below (or by including beta updates in the “Check for Updates” dialog in Axure RP):

Regarding the issue you’re seeing, this looks a bit like the widgets in the repeater have varying lengths of text and are set to autofit height on the canvas (within the repeater). Widgets that have text don’t autofit dynamically in the browser, but with repeaters widgets with varying text lengths can have varying heights in the repeater on the initial repeater load if nothing causes a repeater refresh; that is, if no filters or sorts are added/removed, the Update action isn’t used, and a Set Text action isn’t fired. Any of those actions will cause the repeater text to overflow, like what you see in your 3366 screenshot.

That said, the above issues were all still the case in 3338 as well. I haven’t yet been able to reproduce the setup that would cause the repeater to render without issues in 3338 and not in 3366. If possible, could you copy and paste the repeater from your current file into a new file (even if it’s just the rows that you’ve shown in your screenshot) so that we can take a look at what interactions are set up? If you can’t paste the sample repeater, then would it be possible to see screenshots of the OnItemLoad cases and the console tab from the prototype sidebar to check what’s firing in the browser?

It sounds like the repeater is working in 3338 and allowing you to work for now, but feel free to send the sample file and screenshots over to if this is urgent or if you want to keep those files private. Thank you!

Actions on that repeater:

Thanks for following up with that screenshot. So far we still haven’t been able to reproduce the issue with those OnItemLoad or OnItemResize cases alone. If you happen to have time and are able to reproduce the issue in a new file with a dummy repeater, then we would be interested in taking a look at that. Investigating a .rp file that demonstrates the text overflow issue would be the best way to reproduce and diagnose the issue on our end. In the meantime we’ll keep an eye out for similar reports!