Is there a way to affect the letter-spacing of text in Axure?

I don’t see it as a formatting option. Just wondering if there is some way to do it. Even applying custom CSS to my generated prototype could be a solution, if that is possible.

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When you upload your prototype to AxureShare, you can use the plugins feature to load your own HTML. You can add <style> tags to the header and put your CSS in. I would take a look at the HTML Axure generates so you know which elements to select.

Yeah, while I wholeheartedly agree with what nkrisc proposed, this seems to be a cumbersome method for something that should be built into Axure’s Font panel. My suggestion is for a kerning option to be added in :slight_smile:


This would be great to have included in the default UI. Or, if not, allow us to include our HTML in Axure directly instead of just through AxShare!


Thumbs up for styling widgets directly via HTML/CSS!

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BIG +1 for that idea.



I have been struggling with this, too.


Especially needed when giving a demo outside AxSahre.

Technically you can inject CSS after the page has loaded with some JavaScript. You don’t need AxShare plugins or header files or anything.

I’m always looking for feedback on my hack that makes it relatively easy:

Ever wanted to add a RegEx to your prototype? Here’s instant embedded AxQuery and JavaScript without header files/plugins.


EAH! Please add this feature :bow:

Dying for this feature +1 from me

+1 from me too!

A big +1 for this


Still no word on this in RP8.

Math in dimensions would be wonderful as well.

W[400-40] = W[360]

+1 !!!

Would love to have this feature as well.


Registered just to +1 this. Can’t believe this post was started in 2014 and still hasn’t been implemented!!

+1!!! This would be great to incorporate.

+1 Agreed !!

I wholeheartedly agree! +1