Libaray is not loading after Upgrading to Catilina MacOS

After upgrading to Catilina this morning, Axure is no longer loading libraries. Is there a way to fix this issue? I need the libraries to do my work. Does someone have some suggestions?

Please advise.

This is the message I get.

Hi! It sounds like you’re running into a Catalina-specific issue where users need to grant apps specific permissions to certain areas of the OS. When you launch Axure RP on macOS 10.15 for the first time, then if you had any .rplib files loaded in the Libraries folder a popup should show and ask you to allow Axure RP access to the Documents folder. If you deny access at that point, then you’ll get the message shown above stating that your libraries are not loaded. To fix this, please go to “System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy”, click “Files and Folders”, and then select the option for “Documents Folder” under Axure RP. That should do the trick but please let us know if you still run into issues!

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