Library Folders - nesting

Is there a way to nest folders in a library? For example, we have 6 sets of Font Awesome icons we use frequently. I would like an Icons folder in the library with 6 subfolders for each set. But when I load the library, all I see are the subfolders at the main level.

Thanks, Dennis

Hi Dennis,

I assume you’re nesting your folders within the widget library file like this, is that right?
If so, then each folder in that pane will show up on the same level in the Libraries pane both in Axure RP 8 and Axure RP 9; they won’t nest the same way that you have them built in the widget library file. If you’re interested in seeing something like that in the future then please go ahead and email your feature request to to ensure that the product team sees it. Thank you!

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