Library for JavaScript, CSS and some little helps


  1. CSS Engine: Drop Widget on a page & add your custom CSS to this page. The selector is:
    [data-label=widgetName] {

  2. External CSS File: Drop Widget on a page & enter the link (relative or absolute) to your CSS-file - done.

  3. JavaScript Engine: Drop Widget on a page & enter your custom JQuery/ JavaScript. !avoid “//” use /* */ instead.

  4. External JavaScript File: Drop Widget on a page & enter the link (relative or absolute) to your JS-file.

  5. Dans Transitions: Does in this version only work in Firefox. Drop Widget, enter name of Panel 2 animate and the selected animation will be fired whenever the panel-state changes.

  6. PassEvent: This widget makes widgets not catch mouseclicks… Drop & enter name of widget the mouse should ignore.

  7. Ellipsis: Drop widget & enter the name of the widget to add ellipsis. CSS ellipsis does only work on single-line. No help with paragraphs but great for headlines in mobile applications.

  8. No dotted outline: bored by the dotted outline some browsers show when key-navigating? Just drop the widget & it is gone.
    AxureJS 1.05.rplib (146 KB)

Voice command JS issue

Here are some examples what you can do with the library…

JSLibraryExamples.rp (82.4 KB)


Some Chart Examples:

Just open the settings and modify data and options.
To place multiple charts on one page dont forget to rename the “canvas” rectangle!
The charts require a web connection (to google).
AxureJS 8.01.rplib (239 KB)


It can’t work in the newest edition! The injected JS codes are splitted into distinct texts and wrapped in span tags.


thats not nice… i’ll have a look.

it’s an axshare problem. it works perfect if i generate the preview. as it is a axshare problem i can’t debug it.

same result on my server… I’ll have a closer look.


edge & firefox work, chrome & safari dont…


hi, I am very new to axure and based on the repetitiveness of the project I am working on (trying to create an interactive and working keyboard) I feel like it would be much easier to use Javascript. I still have yet to figure out how to link javascript to certain objects, or how to set such cases like: mouse enter on dynamic panels … can you provide any help or insight?


here is the most complete documentation.
some changes occured in axure 8 and this source should be updated soon.
interaction:axure_javascript - DE JONGH.DK


How do you link two .js files? I dropped in two widgets and only the last file added is run.



i think i did build a sequence and added a waiting time before adding the second javascript.

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