Library styling of widget changes when used in project

In a library file that I converted from Axure 8 to 9, I have rectangles with border 1 and a text field inside with border 0.

The library file seems fine and just how we want it. But when I use the widgets from the library in a project, the text field border is set to 1.

How can I keep the style in the project just how it is in the library?
Right now I have to manually update the style of the text fields to border 0. That just takes a few clicks to apply to all text fields. But it is still a step that I would not want to explain to every colleague who needs to use that library.

Here is a sample library to check the problem:
Testfile - Style overriden.rplib (76.3 KB)

Help much appreciated! The library is huge, so redoing every input field is not an option.