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It seems the lightbox feature bugs on the iPhone.

The feature works perfectly on any safari/chrome/ff regarding desktops but when it comes to happen on an iPhone/iPad,
The lightbox seems to be stuck and is not brought to front.

My hidden dynamic panel (pop-up/lightbox) is stacked within another dynamic panel and placed at the front.
When Submit button is pressed, a gif appears and as soon as the gif is hidden the pop-up (lightbox) will appear.
On the iphone/ipad, the lightbox has still got a low oppacity or seems to be underneath the proper lightbox.

The button and the pop-up are a master.

I might possibly do something wrong so I don’t know whether it s a real bug due to the OS/device or a mistake from myself.
Is it simply due to the fact that the master (button+pop-up) is stacked within a dynamic panel?

I ve attached the file - 2048 px width would the view where the dynamic panels are set-up.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Have a nice day,
lightbox_bug.rp (659 KB)


Hey JonLaza,

Looks like you’ve found an iOS bug. The lightbox background seems to display in front of the lightboxed content when the content is contained within a Dynamic Panel with scrollbars. We’ll take a look at this when we work through the issues that iOS 7 has introduced.

For the moment, you can work around the bug by placing your lightboxed content (the “Pop-UP” Dynamic Panel, in your case) on the main page, outside of your containing Dynamic Panel (“Body”).

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your quick reply,
It sounds that if you don’t treat the pop-up (panel) as a lightbox effect, it will work fine.
Or the other alternative is to do not stack the pop-up (lightbox) in a dynamic panel.

I didn’t try to treat the pop-up with the other options (flyout, etc…).


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