Line-Through items in a specific row of a Repeater

Hello Everybody!
I am working on a repeater which you can add, update and delete rows from it. everything is going well so far. But instead of deleting the rows, I want the text to be Line-Through because it’s a table that should keep deleted or unwanted rows for documentation reasons.

Could anyone help me with this? I found in the replies in some other topics something that does the Line-Through thing but when I apply it, it line-throughs all the rows in the repeater and not only the marked one…

Thanks in advance and regards! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Something like this? The strikethrough is a line whose visibility is set by a column in the repeater called STRIKE. If 0 then hide if 1 then show.

strike.rp (56.7 KB)

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@jlhelmers Perfect!! exactly what I needed!! Thanks alot! :grinning: :grinning: