Link a button to its parent

Hi. how are you?

I’m building a prototype for an app. i want to move between pages without the “jump” of the html reload. i thought to put all pages in 1 big dynamic panel and move between states.

i have a home page button that links to the home page. the button sits inside all states.
how can i “tell” this button to go to the first screen of the homepage state?

i hope i explained myself properly



If it is a global navigation, it is better to separate it out and keep it outside your big dynamic panel(where you have all your pages as states). The advantage is that you don’t need to copy the home button or other buttons in all the states.

If I understood this correctly, you can always keep multiple dynamic panels inside a dynamic panel. So, all you need to do is to change the state of the dynamic panel inside the home page to the first page when the home button is clicked.


navigation.rp (114.2 KB)

i have home page with few widgets (dynamic panels0.
i have a button inside of dynamic panel, inside of dynamic panel, inside of dynamic panel
and i need this button to show the parent dynamic panel , the top home page screen.

i hope you understand now


If you can post your file, would be able to help

Saw the file… Because you are already on “home-page”, changing the state to home-page again will not reset other dynamic panels…

You just need to reset by changing the panel states of other dynamic panels (“be_a_friend”, “Onme” & “all_requests”) to their default states when the button “go_to_homepage_btn” is clicked

thank you very much!