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Hey guys,

I want to put some Designs on Axshare for our client to review.

The pages should integrate a menu that provides a little info and enables the client to go to the previous respectively next page in the sitemap.

I created a master for the menu. The page info comes from the PageName and some details I add on a page level (PageLoad).

Initially I made the previous / next links using the command RaiseEvent. But as I’s like to avoid setting 2 links on each page I was wondering if there was a variable or something I could integrate on the master level.


DesignPresentation.rp (126 KB)

Hi pit piano,

Following my colleague’s suggestion over in this post, you can try setting the master to open links to the previous/next pages by linking to an external url with the format [[variable]].html. That [[variable]] would store the name of the page that the button should be linking to. That variable should be set OnPageLoad of the pages and it has to match the name of the pages in your sitemap. You’ll also want to remove the spaces in your page titles so that the links work (so change “Page 1 title” to Page_1_title).

When you first load the prototype the user will land on “Page_1_title”. OnPageLoad, you should add a case that sets the value of a [[PreviousPage]] variable to “Page_6_title” and a [[NextPage]] variable to “Page_2_title”. In the master, your “Previous” and “Next” buttons should simply have the following OnClick cases:

Those interactions should allow those buttons to always link to the page that is specified by those variables, and if you use the OnPageLoad interaction of each page to set the [[PreviousPage]] and [[NextPage]] variables then the links in the master should always work without you having to make new links on each page.

Hopefully that helps! I’ve attached an edited version of your file that uses this method.
DesignPresentation Edit.rp (126 KB)

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This solution seems to defeat the purpose. I also have the same need, and would LOVE to se the Axure team add this as a feature.

Use case: I have an onboarding workflow, and I want to be able to quickly rearrange the steps as the client gives input. I don’t want to have to update variables, etc – just want to set up a button that says “Next” and have it go to the next page in the tree.

Yes, this could be done by putting the whole thing in a dynamic panel with states (and having the action set state to “Next” state), but I want each step to be exposed in the site map so that the client can review and navigate.

Please consider for next release!!!

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Hi aphils,

I’ll go ahead and put in a feature request for a way to open links to the next and previous pages in a prototype’s sitemap. Thanks for the feedback!

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Want to re-iterate the need for this. This has been asked in different ways over the years on the boards. At risk of being shamed or lectured by a Axure admin about quote “my poor process”…

It is a need for quickly doing a straight forward click through storyboard. Say, using mockups from another tool. These are usually functional storyboards. If we are then using Axure to prototype complex interactions, we could start building those off these starter files. It is also used to storyboard existing screens, where, I may have hundreds of workflows in a user interface for doctors and I want to have this alongside new designs. We use this process in systemic multi-variate user testing. Often used as moderator backup and workarounds as well as prototypes become more full featured.

This is a feature of other tools. It is essential for rapid prototyping in larger organizations which may have hundreds of different types of software in their portfolio.

It keeps us from having to manually edit or enter page destinations. It is a feature in many competitor products. Having this ability would save us alot of time.

Thanks - Scott


As a workaround, this worked perfectly for my similar use case.

The unfortunate part is changing the page names means this solutions breaks, and you have to go back and update everywhere you used this workaround as @aphils mentions.

FYI - if you are using PageName in your template add the following onLoad case to the object rendering PageName:
Set text on This equal to "PageName.replace('_',' ')
(This replaces underscores with spaces on your object)

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Hi Alyssa, Was this feature actually implemented? I can’t find it, but I would need the same functionality. Thanks!

Hi testimo,

This feature hasn’t yet been implemented, but I’ll let our teams know there is still interest in this feature!