Linking a repeater value to multiple notifications

Hello all,

I am quite new to Axure RP9 and am building a prototype for an upload page.

The page consists of the following elements, depending on a selection done in previous pages. People can select up to 4 different situations to upload documents. I’m currently figuring out how to implement the following situations:

  1. When people have 0 documents uploaded in neither of their selected situations, and they want to continue to a next page, there needs to be an error message shown. I guess I could bind this to the ‘next page’ button.

  2. If people have uploaded a document, the text in each respective situation box changes from “Click to upload here” to “Click to edit” if they want to change or remove a document. This only goes if there is at least 1 document uploaded, otherwise the text doesn’t change.

I’m quite confused as to how to see the hierarchy list and to implement this. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Welcome to Axure prototyping, Edward! Axure documentation and learning tutorials are a good starting point if you haven’t seen these already. Here is a good thread with brief description of a few ways to fake the file upload:

The way to share data between pages is with global variables. Depending on the complexity of these “situations” you could have just one global variable, e.g., VarSituation, with possible values of {1, 2, 3, 4} . Or, you might need up to four global variables, e.g., VarSituation1, with some kind of user selection/choice/input (e.g., maybe it can only be {true, false} ; and VarSituation2 with data relevant to that situation (e.g., maybe it is a filename or a number representing how many documents uploaded); etc.

Yes, this should be the best way to handle it. The Click or Tap event of the “Next” button can have conditional cases to determine if documents have been uploaded. This could be the value of a global variable, or the text value of a Text Field widget, or Droplist, etc. If zero documents then show an error message (e.g. a hidden dynamic panel), else open link to next page.

Not clear what you mean by “situation box” …it sounds like these are buttons? Whatever action a user takes to “upload” (or some kind of event that represents “successful upload”) can change these situation box widgets. Some common ways to do this:

  • Set the text of a widget directly
    • This widget’s Click or Tap event can then have two conditional cases, like:
      If text on This contains "upload" <do upload stuff>
      Else If true <do edit stuff>
  • Create a dynamic panel from the widget (e.g., button), and change the dynamic panel’s state to show a different version of this widget.
    • To create the dynamic panel, select the widget, right-click and choose “Create Dynamic Panel”, then duplicate State1 to State2, change the text on the widget in State2.
    • Then you have two different buttons, only one of which can be shown at a time.
    • You can rename the default “State1” to something like, “Upload” and rename "State2 to something like, “Edit”

Maybe you could sketch something out on paper with boxes and arrows, or arrange your situations and elements as post-it notes to give you a more concrete representation. A basic flowchart can help identify what structural elements you need, what user choices get made, what system responses are needed, etc.

It’s kind of confusing to follow your high-level description here, too. If you’ve started an .rp file for this prototype, could you upload it to this thread? That would give us fellow forum users a much better idea of what you’re doing and likely offer better help. Look for this icon in the Reply area: